Saturday, June 6, 2009

We had to write a blues song in English... This was mine.

The Hatin’ Blues

Being hated is not a funny thing

It doesn’t really want to make you sing

To be hated by the right person ain’t so bad

At least I ain’t hated so bad by my dad

He was my best friend now he is more trouble than two

All he wants to do is throw me a piece of poo

I’ll tell you why he hates me so much in this little rhyme

He got with my girl so I broke up their “you’re mine”

Now he walks down the street alone as alone can be

It isn’t a wonder why he really hates me

Everyday he says he will commit suicide

He keeps on walking, guess he couldn’t find the time and lied


Cause he hates me… It’s his little rule

Yes he hates me… for stealing back my jewel

He hates me… Well life ain’t fair

I hope he don’t come at me with a folding chair!

:) hehehe

When I am old

I wrote this in my English 11 Honors class with Mrs. Grant. We just filled in the blanks on a worksheet and my turned out like this. Pretty funny so i thought i would post it.

When I am an old geezer I shall sit on my porch with a gun that squirts water and spray down the children and I shall act like I created the world and command people, and say they are wrong and I am right and I shall go to the movies when I am tired and make noise with my loud snoring and get my record marked and make up for the bordeom of my youth. I shall go to the mall and cause chaos in other peoples lives and sing annoying songs but maybe I ought to practice a little now? So that people who know me are not too shocked and surprised when sudddenly I am old, and startto speak my lost mind.