Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

Spring break was pretty much awesome! I pretty much just partied the whole time.

For the first half of it my family was down in the southern part of the state and I was left home alone. It was pretty much awesome to be on my own schedule and have a quiet house for so long. Not to mention I didn't have to ask to use the car.

I loved hanging out with my friends. It was a ton of fun to just be out of my house and doing something that was really lots of fun.

I finally got back to work after my break from it because of surgery. Though it pretty much took all the energy out of me it was still lots of fun and means more money which I am really lacking.

I guess the only thing I missed this spring break was sleeping in. That's for squares.

I wish it wouldn't end on Monday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Double Black

Well I was up skiing with my friend Tyson in January 2008 at the Canyons. After a few runs we made our way over to the highest lift called ninety-nine ninety. I had never been up it cause it was all double blacks but one run, which was a black. Well we get up there and we head the opposite way of the black run so I knew I could expect to be doing my first double black. I wasn't too worried because I was pretty good at a black so why couldn't I hit a double black. Well we went down the slope for about 500 ft and then Tyson goes through the gate leading to the backcountry. I say: "dude I can't go back there!" well he replied with: "well you can't seperate from me either." I figures that was good enough reason for me so I went. I got in there and found it to be very beautiful in the backcountry. Well we went up to the top of a banked corner and looked over the edge. It was about a strait hill of untouched Utah powder! To me it was the steepest thing I had ever seen! Well Tyson was like: "you first." in reply I say "no way!" well when I said this he pushed me. Ah! I completely unvoluntarily went down the hill and quickly gained control best I could and stopped. Tyson jumped over and came to me then he says: "now go on your on." I turned down hill and had my first REAL experience with great Utah powder. It gave you the absolute coolest floating feeling. Ah love it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Last year in mid February I went to Grand Targhee Ski Resort on the Grand Tetons with my friend Tyson Balling and his family. We were up there for a three day weekend and this place I heard was amazing. We would stay up there at the resort lodging and ski every second we had the chance. Well we are taking about four car loads of people up and I got in the truck with my friend Tyson his brother with his fiance and his cousin. On the six or seven hour drive up there we listened to every rock song we could get through and ate a ton of candy. Now being teenage boys in a car alone on a highway in Idaho with no other cars on it and it being -11F outside we came up with an idea. (I bet everyone reading this right now is like Uh-Oh this doesn't sound good) We took off our shirts and we did something very bad. We had a stick your body out the window at 80mph in -11F weather the longest contest! Woot! Well Tyson totally won that.
We got up to the resort and first thing I noticed was that while walking up the walkway I couldn't see anything because the snow was over my head (shut up all of you thinking "that's cause your so darn short"). Another thing I found out of the ordinary was that there wasn't just snow on the tops of branches but the snow completely ate the tree so it just looked like a white verion of thos termite columns they have in Africa. Well we got settled in and learned our way around and we jumped in the snow in swimsuits then jumped in the hot tub and did crazy stupid things like that.

Well that night it snowed like 2ft. That day I learned what real powder was and went on the steepest slope i've been on so far. It was a blast! One time we went went over to the Sasquatch Lift and found a nice giant (giant to me) cliff. Well Tyson was like "holy crap I have to hit that!" I thought he was joking but sure enough we went back up and he went off. A few runs later we go into the backcountry. Tyson stops me about half way down the slope and says that there is a cliff right below me. I see them go off of it and I surely didn't want to do it myself. I kinda find my own way down but after a few runs I finally go off of it.

One time we were skiing and I got seperated from my group. After skiing around and being confused as to where I was I finally found them going up the lift as I went down. Well they waited at the top of the lift and I finally made it up to them. When I got up we realized a nasty fog was rolling in. Well remember how I said the trees were completely white earlier? Well that combined with the snow and the fog being white made it so I couldn't see my own hand when I put it up to my goggles. Tyson yelled as he skied so I could follow his voice and it was ridiculously fun sowboarding blind. Every few hundred feet one of the yells would go something like this :" weeeeeeeeeeeee OW! weeeeeeeeeeeee OW!" because we kept running into trees and thins. haha good times.

On the Sunday we didn't snowboard. One reason because we wanted to keep the sabbath day holy. Second reason because the hot pockets we had that morning were bad and 8 of us, including me, got food poissioning. haha oh well I guess that happens.

One time we were determined to take the jumps in the park. The problem with these jumps was that there was no kick and the landing was too far away. After trying over and over Tyson finally made a perfect run of the four jumps. Problem was that on the fourth he overshot the landing by at least 30ft. He hit the ground and just laid there. We rushed to his aid and he just sat there singing. He was like "That was totally AWESOME!" He tried to get up but then fainted. He had a pretty bad concussion but after laying there for about thiry minutes we were back and good to go.

Another time we were skiing along all causal like when we found this little tunnel created by trees. Tyson zips through it nice. BJ zips through without harm. Me being the only snowboarder and not able to get down as much zip through it, get clothes lined and do a backflip into the powder. Tyson yells "You okay man!" I role over lean against a tree and yell "I'm OK!" we got it all on camera.

These are just a few of the fun moments we had in Targhee. I may write about other accounts I can remember later. All I can say is that that place ROCKS!

Bouncing Back

The ending of my sad story of how I broke my arm.

Well the time finally came to get my pins pulled out of my arm and my bump off. I got to the doctors and he told me that according to the X-ray, it was okay to pull the pins out. Well he took off the bandage and began twisting and yanking away at the pins. It was quite a strange experience. He didn't numb it or anything and yet most of them didn't hurt at all. Some came out nice. One came out so well I didn't know he pulled it. Some came out hard. The last one he pulled just wouldn't come out. This same pin was the only one of the seven that hurt, and it didn't just hurt it was extremely painful. When it wouldn't come out the doctor asked the nurse for pliers. AH! He was going to rip it out with pliers! Well the second he grabbed the pin with the pliers it sent a vibration through the pin into my bone. It was the STRANGEST feeling I ever had. Then after a few painful minutes of yanking and pulling it came out and I was done.
I was fit into a smaller bump and given the pins as a souvenir. On my way home my mom said it was hilarious to watch the doctors face as he pulled out my pins. She said: "He looked like a mad scientist, like he really loved ripping that pin out of you with pliers." It made me laugh and wish I had a picture.
The next day we called up Brandon Arrington at Farmington Physical Therapy to rehabilitate my arm. The guys one of the nicest guys (other than the fact that he likes to hurt me :)) i've ever met. He gave me a pully system and I began working on my arm. After a month of proggress that wasn't proggressing enough I was perscribed a Dynasplint. This is a machine that pulls my arm back, stretching it for 30 min. Not Fun.
I also got back to school after being absent for 4 1/2 weeks. I had all F's as you would imagine and had a lot to make up. All the teachers I found are very kind when you go through surgery. I worked hard and by the end of the term came out with a 3.8.

Well now I continue to go through therapy and am slowly proggressing. Hopefully I will be good enough to do some extreme things again this spring and summer. Moral of the story - 1. Just keep pushing 2. Know about a jump you hit before you hit it. 3. (For Trevor) Ski patrol doctors are idiots that don't know anything.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Home Bound

You can imagine it really sucks to be inside the same room for 4-5 weeks. I know. I did it.

The medication I was taking for the pain and the antibiotics and such unfortunately caused me to not have the greatest memory of this time. I will try to remember all I can.

From January 21st to mid February I sat in the same room in my house. I only left it four times in those four or five weeks, and each time I left it was a check up with the surgeon. This staying home was absolutely terrible. I had the big bulky bump on which kept me from showering, putting on a shirt and sleeping while laying down. The first week I was so out of it that I can't remember really anything more than just sitting on the couch. I remember that about half way through the day the house would heat up to where I could hardly bear it. After that first week I had more visitors. I had my regular group of friends come over every Friday and watch a movie with me. My mom also asked the high school and seminary if they could send a home-bound teacher. So every week I would have the seminary teacher Brother Sheffield come and read and chat about Acts in the Bible. Twice every week I would have the extremely strange Mr. Stevens come and give me homework from all my classes along with a chemistry lesson on Thermal Chemistry. Sleeping was hard because of pain and not being able to lay down. I didn't really have any energy through these weeks so I found myself being too tired to eat. This resulted in me losing weight and making me look quite sickly. I watched a lot of Monk and other movies I could find on television. I also read a lot. In fact I read the 36o page novel Fablehaven in a matter of a few hours on one Sunday.

This is pretty much how my life was for late January and early February.


Time to hear about the surgery.

I got to the surgical center the next morning. When we got there they put me in one of those gown things that look like my moms shower curtains. We were led into a room and I sat there listening to little kids screaming and talked to my parents. While I sat there I realized I wasn't even scared, but that I wanted the surgery to come sooner. The sooner it came and they put me out then the sooner I would feel no more pain! At least for a few hours. Well they came in and stuck an IV in me while the nurse complained to us about how much she hates put IV's in chillens. Then they walk me to the surgical room.
I sit down on the table and the anesthesiologist (I think that's how you spell it) looks at me and says: "This will make you a little dizzy."
He then injected me with something through the IV and I don't remember anything else. I guess I probably collapsed onto the surgical table.

Well next thing I remember is laying there and just seeing blackness. It was such a strange feeling. I couldn't move, see, hear or even think, but I could tell I was coming to. First thing that came back was my hearing. I just sat there listening to two people talking. Then I slowly got myself back together. I came now to the knowledge that i was in a bump. This bump would stay on me for over a month without taking it off once. The nurses helped me into the wheel chair. They sat me down for a few more minutes while we gathered my stuff and then got me into the car.

On my way home my dad began to tell me what happened when I was out. He told me that the surgery took twice as long as planned. They put 7 pins into my shoulder. The doctor said that it was one of his most difficult surgeries and that he came very close to just putting a plate in. He instead used two x-ray machines and finally lined it up and pinned it. Then my dad told me something very unexpected. My old Sunday school teacher is the guy that provides the medical hardware and he had delivered my pins when he realized it was me. It was quite a coincidence. Well I got home and would stay there for weeks.

Well that's the story of my surgery. I'll write about the rest after conference

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding a Surgeon

This is what happens between getting off of the mountain and surgery.

Well when Monday came around we went to a chiropractor at the tanner clinic in Layton. We got there and he says that the x-rays we took at the resort are not adequate enough to make a clear decision of what to do. We go into the x-ray room and they pull my arm up so they can take an x-ray up into the armpit. It was extremely painful as they moved my arm into position. The photo was developed and you could easily see the giant gash in my bone. It was ginormous!
The doctor turn to me and my dad and says: "this break really needs to be operated on as soon as possible. Unfortuately it is out of my qualification to do the operation."
He then refered us to a few other chiropractic surgeons.

After a little looking around we decide to go to Dr. Skedros of Utah Bone & Joint. I remember walking into the room sitting down and giving a disk with the x-rays on it to the doctor. They pop it in the computer and it attracts a crowd.
One of the nurses turns to me and says: "how are you not completely crying right now!?"
It was at this moment that the reality of how bad my arm was really hit me. Well the doctor came back to talk to us and told us that I would have to have the surgery done asap. He said that he would attempt to pinthe bones back together, and if that didn't work be would make an incision and put a plate in. He also explained that I would be in a contraption called a bump. Now what a bump is, he explains, is like a pillow that sits between your arm and your body. It's main function is too keep your arm elevated and steady. He then gave me the last bit of bad news.
He said: "because your arm is so fragile you are not allowed to go to school until it is healed enough."
This almost killed me. I had been sentenced to one month stuck immobile in my house during the snowboard season. I broke down on the spot and just couldn't take anymore.

Getting off the Mountain

Now the unveiling of the mystery of what happens when you get injured on the ski slopes.

Well I lay on the ground and the first thing I did was just accept the fact I broke my arm. This kept me from going into shock and helped keep my mind clear. I managed to pull out my phone and found my dad's number in the phone book. I called it about 15 times with no answer. Then came my two rescuers. Two twelve year old brothers came up to me. One stayed with me to make sure nothing worse happened and the other rode off to get ski patrol. The kid and i talked and I found the pain was down and not all that bad.. I probably have the icing of the snow to thank for that. Within about five minutes we had Kate from ski patrol down testing my arm for injuries. We found that the problem was towards my shoulder in the upper arm. Miraculously I didn't even get a bruise any where else on my body! We tried to move my arm but every time anyone touched it I wanted to scream. Kate called in a sled and it arrived shortly after. Through all this I just continue to lay in the snow and just casually talk about random things. I continued to attempt to call my dad and I finally got an answer. I had Kate talk to him and they decided to meet at the Gondola. It takes us about five to ten minutes to get me into the sled and in a sling. Then I got to experience something I've always wanted to do. Sled down the ski slope! I didn't let my arm ruin the experience and really enjoyed the ride down. Well we get to the gondola and my little five year old brother Beau just burst into a fit because his day of skiing was ruined. Sorry Beau! Anyways I get on the gondola and to the base medical center. After all the moving around my arm hurt worse than when it broke! It was almost unbearable. They finally got me some loratab to take the pain away and took some x-rays. I still remember that the people working there were extremely nice. While waiting for the first x-ray to come in the doctor just assumed it was dislocated. He came in and looks at me and says: "I am going to have to set your arm back into place. I'm not going to lie. It's going to hurt." I was like, Oh great. Well just as he sat down and grabbed my arm the nurse quickly ran in and yelled "Stop!" The x-ray had come back and it showed that my arm was fractured all the way through. The doctor looked at it and said there was a 90% chance I wouldn't need surgery. Well they put me in a sling and when the pain was bearable I was on my way home.

The Snowboarding Accident

This is the story of me breaking my arm

The week before the accident I had the pleasure of dealing with shin splints. They hurt pretty bad and worried me. Well i decided to go snowboarding on Saturday anyways because I absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I could not find a friend. I decided to take my other option and went with my dad and my little siblings. We get up early in the morning, and as usual I am a little; alright i will admit - I was extremely annoyed as usual, that we are running late. When we get there and are getting ready in the parking lot I almost decided to not wear my helmet. Well we get up to the mountain about 1030 - almost an hour later than planned - and I go off on my own. Well I get down the mountain nice and easy on the first run. By then I had my confidence brewing that my shins shouldn't hurt me too much, so I decide to hit the park. Big Mistake. I get to the top and those small 30ft jumps looked sooooo nice. So I took them. Well the first three were lined up really nice, but then came the fourth. The fourth.. and my final jump for the season.. wasn't quite lined up with the others. Another thing that would become a problem is that it wasn't just a jump, but was in fact a transfer. Well I quickly decide to hit it without thinking and I hit it 1. Too fast 2. At the wrong angle and 3. With too much confidence. Before I left the ground I could tell I wasn't going to make it. I went over the top of the jump thinking in my head. "Oh no!" It was then that I realized my momentum was throwing me in a spiral until I was upside down and aimed for landing on my neck! I thought: "Oh crap I am NOT going to land on my head!" at the very last second a role slamming my shoulder into the ground and rolling the rest of my body. I lay there and took a deep breath going over where I felt pain and doing a body check. Everything felt good to me! I might have a nasty bruise the next day but I definately was lucky. NOT! When I tried to stand up I put pressure on my left arm and it just snapped! I instantly fell and felt more pain towards the shoulder than I had ever felt. I very quickly and very painfully tore off my board and got out of the way of passing boarders. I lay down and waited for some help.

Hello World!


Well welcome and hello. I am the green ninja named Gempstr and this is my vault. I will post here whatever I feel the world is ready to hear.