Friday, April 3, 2009

The Snowboarding Accident

This is the story of me breaking my arm

The week before the accident I had the pleasure of dealing with shin splints. They hurt pretty bad and worried me. Well i decided to go snowboarding on Saturday anyways because I absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I could not find a friend. I decided to take my other option and went with my dad and my little siblings. We get up early in the morning, and as usual I am a little; alright i will admit - I was extremely annoyed as usual, that we are running late. When we get there and are getting ready in the parking lot I almost decided to not wear my helmet. Well we get up to the mountain about 1030 - almost an hour later than planned - and I go off on my own. Well I get down the mountain nice and easy on the first run. By then I had my confidence brewing that my shins shouldn't hurt me too much, so I decide to hit the park. Big Mistake. I get to the top and those small 30ft jumps looked sooooo nice. So I took them. Well the first three were lined up really nice, but then came the fourth. The fourth.. and my final jump for the season.. wasn't quite lined up with the others. Another thing that would become a problem is that it wasn't just a jump, but was in fact a transfer. Well I quickly decide to hit it without thinking and I hit it 1. Too fast 2. At the wrong angle and 3. With too much confidence. Before I left the ground I could tell I wasn't going to make it. I went over the top of the jump thinking in my head. "Oh no!" It was then that I realized my momentum was throwing me in a spiral until I was upside down and aimed for landing on my neck! I thought: "Oh crap I am NOT going to land on my head!" at the very last second a role slamming my shoulder into the ground and rolling the rest of my body. I lay there and took a deep breath going over where I felt pain and doing a body check. Everything felt good to me! I might have a nasty bruise the next day but I definately was lucky. NOT! When I tried to stand up I put pressure on my left arm and it just snapped! I instantly fell and felt more pain towards the shoulder than I had ever felt. I very quickly and very painfully tore off my board and got out of the way of passing boarders. I lay down and waited for some help.

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