Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bouncing Back

The ending of my sad story of how I broke my arm.

Well the time finally came to get my pins pulled out of my arm and my bump off. I got to the doctors and he told me that according to the X-ray, it was okay to pull the pins out. Well he took off the bandage and began twisting and yanking away at the pins. It was quite a strange experience. He didn't numb it or anything and yet most of them didn't hurt at all. Some came out nice. One came out so well I didn't know he pulled it. Some came out hard. The last one he pulled just wouldn't come out. This same pin was the only one of the seven that hurt, and it didn't just hurt it was extremely painful. When it wouldn't come out the doctor asked the nurse for pliers. AH! He was going to rip it out with pliers! Well the second he grabbed the pin with the pliers it sent a vibration through the pin into my bone. It was the STRANGEST feeling I ever had. Then after a few painful minutes of yanking and pulling it came out and I was done.
I was fit into a smaller bump and given the pins as a souvenir. On my way home my mom said it was hilarious to watch the doctors face as he pulled out my pins. She said: "He looked like a mad scientist, like he really loved ripping that pin out of you with pliers." It made me laugh and wish I had a picture.
The next day we called up Brandon Arrington at Farmington Physical Therapy to rehabilitate my arm. The guys one of the nicest guys (other than the fact that he likes to hurt me :)) i've ever met. He gave me a pully system and I began working on my arm. After a month of proggress that wasn't proggressing enough I was perscribed a Dynasplint. This is a machine that pulls my arm back, stretching it for 30 min. Not Fun.
I also got back to school after being absent for 4 1/2 weeks. I had all F's as you would imagine and had a lot to make up. All the teachers I found are very kind when you go through surgery. I worked hard and by the end of the term came out with a 3.8.

Well now I continue to go through therapy and am slowly proggressing. Hopefully I will be good enough to do some extreme things again this spring and summer. Moral of the story - 1. Just keep pushing 2. Know about a jump you hit before you hit it. 3. (For Trevor) Ski patrol doctors are idiots that don't know anything.

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