Saturday, April 4, 2009


Time to hear about the surgery.

I got to the surgical center the next morning. When we got there they put me in one of those gown things that look like my moms shower curtains. We were led into a room and I sat there listening to little kids screaming and talked to my parents. While I sat there I realized I wasn't even scared, but that I wanted the surgery to come sooner. The sooner it came and they put me out then the sooner I would feel no more pain! At least for a few hours. Well they came in and stuck an IV in me while the nurse complained to us about how much she hates put IV's in chillens. Then they walk me to the surgical room.
I sit down on the table and the anesthesiologist (I think that's how you spell it) looks at me and says: "This will make you a little dizzy."
He then injected me with something through the IV and I don't remember anything else. I guess I probably collapsed onto the surgical table.

Well next thing I remember is laying there and just seeing blackness. It was such a strange feeling. I couldn't move, see, hear or even think, but I could tell I was coming to. First thing that came back was my hearing. I just sat there listening to two people talking. Then I slowly got myself back together. I came now to the knowledge that i was in a bump. This bump would stay on me for over a month without taking it off once. The nurses helped me into the wheel chair. They sat me down for a few more minutes while we gathered my stuff and then got me into the car.

On my way home my dad began to tell me what happened when I was out. He told me that the surgery took twice as long as planned. They put 7 pins into my shoulder. The doctor said that it was one of his most difficult surgeries and that he came very close to just putting a plate in. He instead used two x-ray machines and finally lined it up and pinned it. Then my dad told me something very unexpected. My old Sunday school teacher is the guy that provides the medical hardware and he had delivered my pins when he realized it was me. It was quite a coincidence. Well I got home and would stay there for weeks.

Well that's the story of my surgery. I'll write about the rest after conference

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