Saturday, April 4, 2009

Home Bound

You can imagine it really sucks to be inside the same room for 4-5 weeks. I know. I did it.

The medication I was taking for the pain and the antibiotics and such unfortunately caused me to not have the greatest memory of this time. I will try to remember all I can.

From January 21st to mid February I sat in the same room in my house. I only left it four times in those four or five weeks, and each time I left it was a check up with the surgeon. This staying home was absolutely terrible. I had the big bulky bump on which kept me from showering, putting on a shirt and sleeping while laying down. The first week I was so out of it that I can't remember really anything more than just sitting on the couch. I remember that about half way through the day the house would heat up to where I could hardly bear it. After that first week I had more visitors. I had my regular group of friends come over every Friday and watch a movie with me. My mom also asked the high school and seminary if they could send a home-bound teacher. So every week I would have the seminary teacher Brother Sheffield come and read and chat about Acts in the Bible. Twice every week I would have the extremely strange Mr. Stevens come and give me homework from all my classes along with a chemistry lesson on Thermal Chemistry. Sleeping was hard because of pain and not being able to lay down. I didn't really have any energy through these weeks so I found myself being too tired to eat. This resulted in me losing weight and making me look quite sickly. I watched a lot of Monk and other movies I could find on television. I also read a lot. In fact I read the 36o page novel Fablehaven in a matter of a few hours on one Sunday.

This is pretty much how my life was for late January and early February.

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