Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Double Black

Well I was up skiing with my friend Tyson in January 2008 at the Canyons. After a few runs we made our way over to the highest lift called ninety-nine ninety. I had never been up it cause it was all double blacks but one run, which was a black. Well we get up there and we head the opposite way of the black run so I knew I could expect to be doing my first double black. I wasn't too worried because I was pretty good at a black so why couldn't I hit a double black. Well we went down the slope for about 500 ft and then Tyson goes through the gate leading to the backcountry. I say: "dude I can't go back there!" well he replied with: "well you can't seperate from me either." I figures that was good enough reason for me so I went. I got in there and found it to be very beautiful in the backcountry. Well we went up to the top of a banked corner and looked over the edge. It was about a strait hill of untouched Utah powder! To me it was the steepest thing I had ever seen! Well Tyson was like: "you first." in reply I say "no way!" well when I said this he pushed me. Ah! I completely unvoluntarily went down the hill and quickly gained control best I could and stopped. Tyson jumped over and came to me then he says: "now go on your on." I turned down hill and had my first REAL experience with great Utah powder. It gave you the absolute coolest floating feeling. Ah love it!

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