Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding a Surgeon

This is what happens between getting off of the mountain and surgery.

Well when Monday came around we went to a chiropractor at the tanner clinic in Layton. We got there and he says that the x-rays we took at the resort are not adequate enough to make a clear decision of what to do. We go into the x-ray room and they pull my arm up so they can take an x-ray up into the armpit. It was extremely painful as they moved my arm into position. The photo was developed and you could easily see the giant gash in my bone. It was ginormous!
The doctor turn to me and my dad and says: "this break really needs to be operated on as soon as possible. Unfortuately it is out of my qualification to do the operation."
He then refered us to a few other chiropractic surgeons.

After a little looking around we decide to go to Dr. Skedros of Utah Bone & Joint. I remember walking into the room sitting down and giving a disk with the x-rays on it to the doctor. They pop it in the computer and it attracts a crowd.
One of the nurses turns to me and says: "how are you not completely crying right now!?"
It was at this moment that the reality of how bad my arm was really hit me. Well the doctor came back to talk to us and told us that I would have to have the surgery done asap. He said that he would attempt to pinthe bones back together, and if that didn't work be would make an incision and put a plate in. He also explained that I would be in a contraption called a bump. Now what a bump is, he explains, is like a pillow that sits between your arm and your body. It's main function is too keep your arm elevated and steady. He then gave me the last bit of bad news.
He said: "because your arm is so fragile you are not allowed to go to school until it is healed enough."
This almost killed me. I had been sentenced to one month stuck immobile in my house during the snowboard season. I broke down on the spot and just couldn't take anymore.

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