Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mr. Gordmon Smith

So I've begun work at Gordmon's and Smith's. For those who don't know. . .oh lets face it no one reads this blog so why even explain that Gordmon's is a department store. I really don't like the fact that I'm working yet more minimum wage jobs, but I really can't seem to land anything else, especially when I have no access to a car. Anyway, I started both jobs just last week and despite their grunt nature I am trying my hardest to be the best worker I can be. I was promised that if I would give it my all the jobs would turn out much more bearable and rewarding than they otherwise would be. I definitely have been successful at Smith's. I've had compliments given to me that I'm always very happy and polite, as well as a hard worker. As a result I just find myself even happier as I work and the job is not too bad at all! Gordmon's on the other hand is a different story. I've worked as hard as I could there as well thought sometimes it has been much harder. Much of the management there is never giving recognition to the people they are working with. As a result I find myself having a harder time keeping my happy attitude about my job. The store isn't open yet so they are also probably extremely stressed with trying to get everything worked out and set up so I do have the expectation that things will improve and all will be jolly at my jobs. I won't be staying at them for too long because I hope to be leaving on an LDS mission soon, but I have been told that if I was staying longer at Smith's I would definitely not stay a bagger for too long. That says it all I feel. It really is worth it to put effort into a job even if it is a job you feel isn't all that important for a companies success.