Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting off the Mountain

Now the unveiling of the mystery of what happens when you get injured on the ski slopes.

Well I lay on the ground and the first thing I did was just accept the fact I broke my arm. This kept me from going into shock and helped keep my mind clear. I managed to pull out my phone and found my dad's number in the phone book. I called it about 15 times with no answer. Then came my two rescuers. Two twelve year old brothers came up to me. One stayed with me to make sure nothing worse happened and the other rode off to get ski patrol. The kid and i talked and I found the pain was down and not all that bad.. I probably have the icing of the snow to thank for that. Within about five minutes we had Kate from ski patrol down testing my arm for injuries. We found that the problem was towards my shoulder in the upper arm. Miraculously I didn't even get a bruise any where else on my body! We tried to move my arm but every time anyone touched it I wanted to scream. Kate called in a sled and it arrived shortly after. Through all this I just continue to lay in the snow and just casually talk about random things. I continued to attempt to call my dad and I finally got an answer. I had Kate talk to him and they decided to meet at the Gondola. It takes us about five to ten minutes to get me into the sled and in a sling. Then I got to experience something I've always wanted to do. Sled down the ski slope! I didn't let my arm ruin the experience and really enjoyed the ride down. Well we get to the gondola and my little five year old brother Beau just burst into a fit because his day of skiing was ruined. Sorry Beau! Anyways I get on the gondola and to the base medical center. After all the moving around my arm hurt worse than when it broke! It was almost unbearable. They finally got me some loratab to take the pain away and took some x-rays. I still remember that the people working there were extremely nice. While waiting for the first x-ray to come in the doctor just assumed it was dislocated. He came in and looks at me and says: "I am going to have to set your arm back into place. I'm not going to lie. It's going to hurt." I was like, Oh great. Well just as he sat down and grabbed my arm the nurse quickly ran in and yelled "Stop!" The x-ray had come back and it showed that my arm was fractured all the way through. The doctor looked at it and said there was a 90% chance I wouldn't need surgery. Well they put me in a sling and when the pain was bearable I was on my way home.

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