Friday, October 16, 2009

Calc Nonsense!

If you are ever in a calculus class you have to use the right language. Believe me it makes it much more fun!

When you think something awkward is happening there are a few things you can do. Don't just yell AWWWKWARRRRRRDDDDDD! you need to do it the calc way. 1. you can say it backwards : DRAWKWA! or 2. you put fresh at the end... "hey that's awkward fresh" or 3. both backwards with fresh!!!

If you ever prove someone wrong because you are a fricken evil genious and you want to throw it in their face you yell TRUTH BOMB!

If you don't know what someone asked you but you want to act like you were listening reply with .. "what?? Rubbery Bacon??"
If you find yourself knowing the correct answer but don't know how you got it and someone asks you how you got it just say that pharoh called upon the gods of pythagoras to change it and in a twinkle of a ferris wheel the answer came to be.
Follow these rules and calculus rocks!

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