Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shacks and Cottages.

So today my sister and I had a conversation that went much deeper and much longer than most people would care to carry on because of such a silly topic. What was this topic exactly? Well it was spurred by one question. Would you rather have a Beach Shack or a Mountain Cottage?

You want a beach shack huh? Well did you consider the insane mess the sand would make, as well as the danger of tsunami's and hurricanes? This could wipe your beach shack completely away so you will have to make major repairs every few years. Best not to put too much money into that shack. It also smells funny near beaches sometimes. Man do I HATE unpleasant scents.

I argue that a mountain cottage is greatly superior. Who doesn't love the smell of evergreens around your cottage. I have to consider that it has to be more sturdy than a beach shack though because it has to support snow fall every year. Snowfall also makes it much less accessible, and that can cause major problems with repairs as well.

Solution: Buy a cabin in the woods next to a beach.

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