Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eulogy for Raidylan

Today my poor beta fish died. I wasn't surprised cause I noticed it stop moving around and being as active as it usually is a few weeks ago and it's about 3 years old so he lived his life full (I think, wait, how long is the average life of a beta fish?) He came into my possession in a different way than most people, in fact it all started when I was asked to a girls choice dance in high school. She didn't actually give me Raidylan, she gave me about 10 minos caught in a creek I assume, and a fish bowl along with them I might add. Well about 6 of thefish stayed alive for about three months which is definitely a record at my house for life of a fish. Then came Raidylan.

Raidylan was originally my brother beaus fish. He had begged my mom to get him a beta fish when they were at Petco or some other pet place and she caved. She put it in my bowl of fish not knowing betas are carnivorous. Dun dun dun.

Well it was a mystery to my family why the minos were disappearing. We couldn't even find their dead bodies and Raidylan grew and grew. I figured it out when there were about 3 minos left and just watched them hopelessly swim away over the next few days. Well when all my minos were dead I claimed Raidylan as my own.

He of course was not named Raidylan until about a month after I got him. I went through many names, many names, but I could not decide between two names. Raiden, cause he's super bad and basically invincible, and Dylan, cause he used to sit in my room and watch me do homework, as the fish would. From the name you can see why and what I decided on.

There were many times Raidylan should have died. The week and a half I didn't feed him while in Mexico. The time he was dropped with his tank. So many yet he continued to live. Until today

So what now. Get a new one. Maybe a crap or snail with it?

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