Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA all over that PIPA

I just wrote a letter to my congressman concerning the SOPA and PIPA bills being presented to congress. This is it's content:

"Hello Congressman Rob Bishop,

I'm writing to you today on behalf of the SOPA and PIPA acts that are before us today in Congress. I'm a college student at the University of Utah and I know the importance of the internet, I'd say more than the average person. It is of up most importance to me that we keep the the internet free by stopping these bills from passing. It won't stop pirating very well because you can still just type in the websites IP and access the websites guilty of helping the pirating of media. All it will do will cause a mess of the structure to the internet and I don't want to see that happen. As my congressman I hope that you follow what you're constituents are saying and help to assure these bills are not passed. Thank you for your time,

Taylor Gemperline"

You do realize that posting a link in this blog to a sight that might maybe be considered a pirating sight, whether it is or not, could wind up putting me in prison 5 years if these are passed? Dang.

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