Thursday, January 12, 2012

Low Tree Branch, Low Ridin

So I feel prompted to tell you about a hilarious ski incident that I'm sure has happened many times but this one which occurred at Targhee individually is the best. So Tyson, BJ and I are up at Targhee launching off the cat tracks and just generally acting like idiots. Well there is this one patch of trees where a short maybe 5 foot tunnel was formed by lower hanging branches. BJ spotted it first and decided to crouch low into a ball and shoot through it. Tyson took is turn with basically the same thing but while yelling "yeeha!" Then it was my turn. Now Tyson and BJ were on a skis and I was on a snowboard. I bent down and curled into a ball but my head was more tilted forward than the others and whack flomp flump fwap smash. owwwwwwwww I find my body completely emerged in the snow and my board sticking out. It was absolutely hilarious and BJ and Tyson were laughing pretty ridiculously hard themselves. Good Times.

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